It is a known fact: people undergo considerable pressure in their professional or personal lives. Coaching is not a panacea, but it often defuses complex situations and targets practical, easily achievable solutions. Interventions also avoid the potential impacts on employees, their team, their family and, to some extent, the company.

  • Coaching for managers facing new opportunities or critical situations
  • Coaching for teams
  • Personal coaching for achieving personal and professional goals
  • Leadership workshops: gaining awareness of your leadership and others'

Cocreative coaching

“Cocreative coaching” is the approach favored by Francine Lauzon. It is inspired by the International School CTI (Coach Training Institute) 

“The cocreative coaching leans on the interaction between the coach and the client. It is a unique proactive alliance which builds up itself in an instant present and which allows the coach and the client to work together on an equal footing to meet the needs of the customer. “

“The cocreative coaching has three basic principles: fulfillment, balance and timing. Together, these principles enhance the quality of the results and the learning outcomes of the clients in their professional and personal lives. “

why consult a coach
  • To make a change in your professional life
  • To overcome challenges or stimulate new ones
  • To respond to your desire to get more or differently involved
  • To see a situation from a different perspective
  • To clarify any doubts about your potential or what is important to you
  • To learn how to have an even more positive impact on your professional and personal environments
  • To increase your creativity or productivity
  • To give you the means to take action

My commitment to you

As a person with integrity, respect, creativity and dynamism, I am committed to supporting you in your approach by respecting your values and objectives. You will be surprised by your ability to go beyond your comfort zone and start achieving your dreams. I offer you a demanding approach on a safe playground. I promise you many, sometimes overwhelming questions through pleasant, relaxed and entertaining encounters!