Who Is Francine Lauzon?


Francine Lauzon assists companies and their managers in their development and strategic positioning. She has transformed one of her great passions into a true mission: to help people develop their creativity, their desire for innovation, their curiosity and their desire to go further.

Thanks to her rich experience as a leader, businesswoman, manager, consultant and coach, Francine offers her services to clients who wish to progress, realign their values and discover simple and effective ways to do things. Dare differently to go further in what you love rather than trying to please and perform at all costs.

Professional Experience

With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology management and business strategy development in mid- to large-sized organizations, Francine advised several management teams through major reorganizations, restructuring and recovery plans. She also set up and managed diverse teams of multidisciplinary professionals and interns what interns are ? interim is when you replace a manager for a specific period , and accomplished her many mandates by first focusing on the overall strategy and meta-view and equally on relationship, collaboration and interaction with customers.

Francine began her career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where she was given increasingly bigger portfolios including Chief Information Officer (CIO). This last mandate allowed her to plan and oversee the creation and integration of a new national Information Technology Division with a team of over 300 people.

In the past few years, Francine’s consulting business has gradually evolved into a coaching and leadership-focused private practice. In this new role, she has coached executives, directors, managers and other professionals moving into new opportunities and dealing with critical situations. She has also created leadership workshops on team accountability and alignment.

Francine has a degree in Administration from HEC Montreal. She is a trained Co-Active Coach and in July 2014, she will have completed the 10-month Co-Active Leadership Program from The Coaches Training Institute in San Raphael, California.

A transformative solution

The impact of Francine’s work with her clients benefit them in transformative ways:
  • They are able to lead from multiple positions - whether leading from in front, side-by-side, from within - authentic, confident and trusting in themselves - and from the whole - with an ability to see the strategic overarching meta-view
  • They become open to new viewpoints and ways of thinking
  • They create more collaboration and participation around them
  • Their new awareness allows them to focus, let go, dare, try, learn and minimize drama and a false urgency
  • They become conscious about their impact on their lives and on what they want to do